About Patchwork Riding Center

About Patchwork Riding Center

Competition - Special Olympics - Patchwork operates a training club from April to October for New York State Special Olympics, Area 17. Patchwork has competed yearly in sectional events and state games. Over 20 riders enjoy this individualized training held weekly. Volunteers are needed and must attend our training as well as Special Olympics training.

Image Enhancement - This program provides an unique opportunity for personal development. Students who have been low academic achieves, physically or emotionally abused, inner city kids, and learning disabled and benefit from working and riding in this area.

Therapeutic Recreation - This program section focuses on teaching the students to ride to the best of thier ability, using the horses as a tool. Barn work is included and teaches the person how to care for their mounts.

Women's Healing with Horses - this is on hold til 2006. Each lesson consists of basic care, riding and some quiet time with your horse. Sponsorship and grants are avaialble for this special group. Please contact Lorraine for more info.

Teens and Horses - is our way of working with troubled youth exclusively. So many teens need that special attention and to learn respect that only a large animal can teach them.

Currently kids from Lansing Residential Center, Learning Web and Advocacy Center in Ithaca enjoy working with Bob Aichele, who has a special gifts with these kids.

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